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2004-05-26 - 10:41 p.m.

My former college roommate Steve has deployed again to the sandbox, and I�ll run the image until he gets home again. Who knows when that will be?


Today we buried Chris Kenny, the fifth Citadel grad killed in this conflict. Like Steve, he was on his second tour in this war. I remember him, but I didn�t know him very well. This time I didn�t go to Arlington for the funeral�

Maybe someday I�ll take the time to code these properly if they�re not showing up well, but for now this will have to do. It�s my own little �too close to home� page.

Shane Childers was the first official casualty of the current Iraq war. He went through the same program I did at The Citadel, but we weren�t there at the same time�he was a couple of years behind me.

"NPR : 'The First to Die' in Iraq War"

Ben Sammis was a year behind me. We did have some interaction from the perspective of both being focused on Marine Corps activities.

I did know Rich Gannon much better, on the other hand. We were stationed together in the same platoon at Quantico for The Basic School after he graduated from Cornell. He leaves behind a wonderful wife and four children.

And just in case you've been looking for a place to check up on casualty identification, since nobody seems to want to talk about it openly, click here...

War is a horrible spectator sport�

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