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2004-05-31 - 9:15 a.m.

One more, this time from Afghanistan. Eggers was two years behind me.


May 31, 2004

HOLLIS, N.H. -- A 28-year old soldier who grew up in town has died in


Capt. Daniel Eggers was one of four soldiers killed Saturday when their

Humvee entered a field of land mines, his aunt, Dorothy D'Vann, of New

Boston told the Union Leader. An Afghan government official said Humvee

hit a mine in Zabul's mountainous Sorie district.

Eggers grew up in Hollis and attended Hollis Elementary School from

third to fifth grade, D'Vann said. His family moved in 1987 to Cape

Coral, Fla., where he attended high school and joined the ROTC. Eggers

had always wanted to be a soldier, she said.

"I can remember visiting him in Florida and seeing him on the lawn with

a Desert Storm uniform and a makeshift gun," D'Vann said. "He wasn't

afraid of anything," she added.

Eggers graduated from The Citadel, in South Carolina, ranking near the

top of his class, she said. He served in the Army special forces.

Eggers, who would have turned 29 in July, leaves behind a wife,

Rebecca, two brothers, four sisters and his parents, Margaret and William

Eggers. One of his brothers, Billy, also is in the military and will be

returning to Afghanistan soon, D'Vann said.

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